Molecule Lists - Powerful Lists and Tasks (For Scientists :)

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الأعمال التجارية الإنتاجية
المطور: Fishington Studios
1.99 USD

Molecule Lists is a simple and beautiful list and task app designed using our award-winning “Molecule” interface. The app has one purpose: To give you maximum productivity power. Unlike most list apps, Molecule Lists gives you to ability to go 4 levels deep. Create groups of lists, which can hold an infinite amount of tasks. Tasks can have infinite subtasks. This combination allows you so much flexibility and power, you’ll wonder why you haven’t used it more before.

Molecule Lists is lightweight and simple. The interface is minimal, and has been designed to get out of your way, and let you focus on getting stuff done instead. The app can be controlled using a variety of gestures, and lists can be exported out of the app as pdf documents. Download Molecule Lists today, and put it’s power to your own use!